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Our objective is to provide you with a studio system that meets your most demanding needs.  To do this we need to understand the ambitions you have for the use of your new studio.  During an initial meeting we discuss your studio requirements, as well as review all of the options available with Acoustic Workshop.  Although the system is modular, there is practically no limit to the degree of customization that is available to you.  The next step will be the preparation of rendered images of your studio space.  Upon approval of the renderings a detailed set of shop drawings are prepared for the fabrication process.  We review this with you to make sure all of your needs have been met prior to putting the system into production.  In addition we prepare documents that detail the assembly site location requirements, so that the home of your new studio can be prepared while your Acoustic Workshop is in production.



After approval of the shop drawings production begins.  At this point all of the options and finishes have been determined and a production schedule is released.  The Acoustic Workshop modular studio systems are manufactured in a state of the art modern manufacturing facility.  Materials and methods are leading edge, providing you with a high quality of workmanship and precise finish. Production time for a typical control room is approximately 12 weeks.  During production the system is fully assembled and shop tested.  You are free to come visit your studio during manufacturing.  Upon full assembly the studio system is acoustically tested and tuned to your requirements.

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Upon final factory testing of the studio system, the components are dis-assembled and packaged for shipping.  Depending upon the method of shipping (by truck or container), the system components are carefully packaged to ensure safe transportation to your site.  Ground or sea transportation can ship your studio to anywhere in the world.  Shipping time varies according to the location of your assembly site.  During dis-assembly and packaging an extensive assembly manual is compiled so that the method of assembling your new studio is crystal clear.



Depending upon the size of your new studio, typical assembly is about 5 days.  The system can be assembled by a small team of workmen carefully following the assembly instructions.  If you have a specific team in mind to assemble your studio, they are welcome to come and visit the factory to better understand the process.  If you prefer, we can also supply an assembly team to put together your studio at your location.

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Once assembled your new acoustic workshop studio system is ready for equipment integration and use.  During the design process your equipment needs have been integrated into the design, which means all of your cable management and power requirements have been built-in to make installing equipment a snap.  The great benefit of Acoustic Workshop is, if after some time of use your needs change, so can your studio.   Modules can be swapped out for other types, room size can change, and the studio can adapt with you.  The system is designed to work with your needs, as an asset to your production requirements whatever and wherever they are.

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